Brand Awareness

There is no doubt that personal brands or brand awareness have become very popular in the digital marketing world. However, I find that there are still a lot of small businesses and in particular, professionals such as health professionals, lawyers and accountants are not entirely sure how to tap into this marketplace.

The truth is growth hacking, digital marketing and social media - they all work. But before we start with the "how" as #simonsinek puts it - you need to know your "why".

Here are 3 Top Tips for building your brand.

  • Start with Why @simonsinek

I would encourage anyone to sit down and watch Simon's 18-minute Ted talk. Read his book about the golden circle. To break this Simon's golden circle down. With any brand, you need to know your company "why". Your purpose and what you stand for. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down 5 descriptions that you would give yourself and elaborate from there.

  • Define your audience

In order to ensure you’re touting your goods or services to the right individuals and organisations that care the most, it’s imperative to understand your audience. For example: If you're a lawyer (or a health professional or a professional in your niche), then ask yourself how do your clients see you? What was the top 3 defining moments in your career in which your clients appreciated for what you did? Ensure you ask third parties to get a 360 degrees view on what the marketplace wants and needs and values.

  • Engage with your audience on social media

Tag them on social networks, asking questions, retweeting or sharing their posts, commenting, and liking are all active forms of engagement that everyone should practice

Anita is the founder of Yauzer Media that helps businesses attract clients by Facebook Ads

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