Why Social Media Marketing?


As most leading marketing and brand experts would tell you, social media is the single most powerful form of media advertising at the current world stage.

It creates one of the best Returns on Investments (ROI) in comparison to traditional media advertising methods such as - radio, tv and poster ads.

Put it simply, no one is watching tv or even looking up anymore to see billboards or ads on Sydney Buses. Everyone is too busy looking down on their smart phones' screen.

I was speaking to some of my friends lately, and they were complaining that their parents (aged 50 - 60s) are even addicted to social media.
I mean... I jokingly tell my parents all the time - "No phones on the dinner table please!"

The Stats Don't Lie

In September 2016 - Social Media Statistics in Australia recorded the following active participants in the Australian Marketplace:

Social Media Statistics Australia – September 2016

1. Facebook – 15,000,000 users (steady)
2. YouTube – 14,500,000 UAVs
3. WordPress.com – 5,400,000
4. Instagram – 5,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Facebook/ Instagram data)
5. Tumblr – 4,100,000
6. LinkedIn – 3,400,000
7. WhatsApp – 3,100,000 Active Australian Users (30% increase since 2015)
8. Twitter – 2,800,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx
9. TripAdvisor – 2,550,000
10. Snapchat – 2,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx
11. Tinder – 2,000,000 Australian users (my estimation)
12. Blogspot- 1,800,000
13. Yelp – 1,650,000
14. Flickr – 530,000
15. Pinterest – 280,000
16. Reddit – 100,000
17. MySpace – 80,000
18. Google Plus – 60,000 monthly active Australian users approx (my estimation revised)
19. StumbleUpon – 40,000
20. Foursquare/Swarm – 14,000
21. Digg – 12,000
22. Periscope – 9,500
23. Delicious – 9,000

Just Facebook alone has 15 Million users every month!

Accordingly, it is more important than ever for Australian companies, directors and CEOs to move their business onto social media platforms to improve customers/clients relationship.

Ignoring this shift in the marketplace is ignoring countless opportunities and valuable revenue streams.

5 Top Tips For Beginners of Social Media in Australia

Here are Top 5 tips for Australian companies that are new to social media:

  1. Don't force old, conservative thinking onto the value of online and the social media market, but keep your business' objectives in sight. Just because your next door neighbour or "so and so" from accounts department says social media does not work, does not mean it is so. Get your facts straight from a social media expert and arm yourself with the knowledge and power of social media.
  2. Work on your social media plan and ask yourself, what are your main business objectives?
    a) Do you want to increase customers?
    b) Do you want online awareness and presence of your product/service?
    c) Do you want knowledge of your customers/clients preferences?
    d) finally, do you want cash-flow revenue?
    Sit down and speak to your social media expert on what you want to achieve.
  3. Based your social media campaigns on issues that your clients are concerned with. Go deeper with client engagement and truly understand what your client's needs are.
  4. Test adoption and response rate. Under the direction of a social media consultant, work with your social media expert on the top 5 campaigns that created the best engagements. From there, establish a strategy plan on how to develop a stronger social media engagement and thereby, a stronger presence in your industry.
  5. Get a social media expert. Social media can be a complicated area of practice. Just because someone has a Facebook page, does not mean they are capable of planning, setting up and managing a social media strategy. There are highly skilled activities that your local social media consultant needs to forward plan and oversee.

Let's face it. There are loads of prospects in the online market. If you don't take that opportunity, your competitors will.

If you believe that you or business can benefit from the power of social media and that you are ready to take your business online and to the next level, contact Anita, social media expert and consultant @yauzermedia.

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