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VP of Marketing at Eatabella
Founder at Emperor Star

Anita Yauzer



Why Facebook Ads?

One word... "Focus".

Specialists focus on excellence; generalists focus on distractions.

The Value You Get From Me

There are many experts in the field of digital marketing but not many are great at Facebook marketing. My focus is on excellence in Facebook marketing.

What You Won't Get From Me

A plate full of services that you do not need or does not 'move the needle'. I am not going to give you multiple offerings of service that do not work. There are plenty of mediocre companies that do that already. 

I am focused on one speciality only and that is - delivery of results, my tool just happens to be the most influential & powerful social media platform in the world (Facebook).

But one thing you must understand, even if my tool was not Facebook, my offering is to get your job done and done right.

Some people may argue that they want an 'all you can eat buffet' and that is a-ok with me. You are probably not the right client for me then.

Why Me?


My focus is on excellence with everything I do. This is what I learnt when I practised law for 10 years. I likened the brains of lawyers like US Navy SEALs.

When it comes to mental toughness, cognition, sales psychology (all the ingredients to outstanding digital marketing values), our brains are as FIT as a US Navy SEAL or a MMA fighter.

The average lawyer is top-notch analysts, motivational speakers /advocates, and superb writers. The best politicians, consultants, salesman, business persons and even athletes are either ex-lawyers or have been trained as a lawyer.

Most people misunderstand that PHYSICAL FITNESS is better than MENTAL FITNESS. Most people are wrong.
If you want a job done and done right, rest assured an ex-lawyer or lawyer will do it 100X better.

Why ? One word...Excellence.


Before becoming a lawyer, I was in the digital media business for 5 years. I worked with some of the biggest channels such as Foxtel, ABC and all the major Australian network channels designing and producing advertising.

Inquisitive Problem Solver

If you have interacted with any person in the top of their game, they would of told you that they have taken their computer apart to see if they can put it back together again.
I was that kid.

Ever since I was young, I have always had a natural knack for problem-solving. I realised at some point that I mis-labeled myself as hardworking. But what I really am is obsessed. I am obsessed with solving problems.

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