Why Hire A Growth Marketer?

Why would you pay a third party consultant or growth marketer to handle your online marketing?

There are a number of reasons why you would engage in a third party consultant rather than do it yourself. The major reason is that you are specifically engaging in an expert where their sole purpose and priority is "attracting customers" for YOU!

Growth marketing is data-driven sales maximisation. It is an entirely different discipline to traditional marketing as it provides clear measurables as a direct result of marketing initiatives.

Traditional marketing (i.e. billboards, posters and flyers, etc)(except direct marketing) do not as it lacks trackability.

Put it simply, when engaging in a Growth Marketer or third-party consultant, the advantages are:

1. Faster Outcomes - If you want faster outcomes then you will need to engineer it. There is a lot of emphasis on growth from an organic perspective, but if you're going to grow fast then engaging in a consultant that does it on a daily basis ensures that you get fast growth.

2. Cost-Effectiveness - I don't know about you, but I hate wastage of anything. Like a lot of people, one of my pet peeves is wasting money. With a growth marketing consultant, you should expect that every dollar spent pertains to a measurable outcome.

3. Save Time - Just like my pet peeves in wastage of money, nothing is more excruciating than wastage of my time. There is a massive misconception that growth marketing is something that you can do in 5 minutes. In actual fact, a top-tier growth consultant spends many hours perfecting their rigorous methodology which consists of hours of experimentation, a collection of data and analysation of human psychology in their marketing campaign. As a result of this, growth marketing expends a lot of your mental energy, capacity and time. Don't waste your energy on something that you are not yet ready to handle or do not enjoy, engage an expert it to do it for you.

4. Leverage - Smart entrepreneurs don't do it themselves. They engage technical experts that can do it for them. At the same time, rather than learning the skillset in a traditional environment, smart entrepreneurs know that they can learn that skillset from the expert while the work is delivered to them.


Now that you are aware of the advantages of engaging a growth marketing expert, you may wonder why Facebook marketing?

There are 2 parts to my answer:

1. 'My personal philosophy' answer; and
2. 'Obvious value' answer.


Part 1 - My Personal Philosophy Answer

I get asked, "Why did you base your entire business on Facebook marketing?"

My answer was in one word.


Excellence does not happen from being a generalist.

More prominent agencies would sell you a list of services and 'shiny new objects' to distract you. The fact of the matter is, those who put all their eggs in succeeding in one speciality, provides excellence in results. Those who spread their mental capacity elsewhere miss their bullseye completely.

Everyone's bullseye should be 'attracting clients'

The ultimate distraction is the multiple digital marketing services that may not need to get your bullseye

What I have learnt in my 10 years in law, is that the misdirection of efforts is not only a complete money and time sucker, the outcome can be catastrophic.

Don't buy into 'more equals results'.

The reality is "more" is just "waste" - waste of your time, waste of your money.

Instead, apply 'Extreme Focus'.

If you like my Extreme Focus approach, then Schedule A Call with me.


Part 2 - Value of Facebook Marketing

The biggest value in Facebook marketing is in its insight, data, technology and trackability.

  • Audience Size - there is currently 1.31 billion users on Facebook worldwide.
  • Adjustable Targeting - you can adjust the specificity on who, what age group, the type of group or niche you wish to target your ads
  • Likability - the audience you target your ads already like or are in association with your product or service already.
  • Flexibility - Facebook ads are suitable for any business (i.e. B2C, B2B, online business, bricks and mortar, etc)
  • Global or local scalability - the ability to adjust how fast and how slow your business grows

Facebook also owns Instagram which is a platform that is growing exponentially in the last few years (currently 800 million monthly active users). Please note that any factors considered above are also applicable to Instagram.

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